Certified Flip, Bop Boyz – Twerkin’ For the Berkin


Twerkin’ For the Berkin is a new single from Certified Flip and Bob Boyz. Blending elements of hip hop and pop, this collaborative effort is catchy and vibrant. Bop Boyz have been around since 2011 and have demonstrated a knack for cranking out chart-worthy jams, with releases like Car Full of White Girls and We Created a Monster. The minimalist piano-driven beat in Twerkin’ For the Berkin serves as a backdrop for the song’s money shot chorus. The repetitive lyrics really get stuck in your brain, making this party track an instant sing-a-long classic. The vocal delivery is smooth and fresh, while the beat backs enough heat to keep the action on the dance floor moving.
Twerkin’ For the Berkin is just one of those songs that is just primed to go viral. These guys understand the recipe for creating a hit song.

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