Goldilocks – Future Famous

`Goldilocks Future Famous Album Cover

Future Famous is a new album from NYC-based artist Goldilocks. Blending elements of reggaeton, pop, and hip hop, the sound is uniquely satisfying. There’s a lot of variety, as each song leans more toward one style than another. One of the songs that strikes as having obvious potential is Cherry. It’s catchy, fresh and has a surreal backing track. Goldilocks gives a charismatic performance that combines assertive qualities with emotion and sincerity.

The songs on here are surprisingly complex and dynamic. There are many layers and components to these songs, and it’s impressive how well everything comes together. The stylish and structural finesse of this album cannot be understated. My favorite jam is probably Slide My Way, with its reggae vibes and bilingual lyrics. This album is set to be officially released on May 28. In the meantime, I recommend checking out Cherry on Spotify to get a taste of what’s in store..

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