Bev – Crusher

Bev_Crusher_Album Cover

Crusher is a new album from singer-songwriter, Bev. The songs have a dreamy, retro-futuristic 1970’s quality. The ambiance is surreal and contemplative. While it may have had some classic rock and jazz inspirations, it also reminds me a lot of early 2000’s indie rock, which represented a golden age I didn’t fully appreciate at the time.

Bev’s performance has a certain honesty and sensitivity. She’s a solid vocalist from a technical standpoint as well. The lyrics frequently deal with heartbreak and the rediscovery of one’s self. Apparently Bev recently went through a divorce in 2018, and some of the sentiments expressed are probably a reflection of that. From a musical standpoint, the hooks on many of these songs are so good they will give you goosebumps. My personal favorite track on here is Madrid, which is catchy, melodic and strikes me as an instant indie classic.

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