Flippin’ Gothic Fabp – Platinumism Playlist

platinumism-playlist---grapics (1)

Platinumism Playlist is a new album from alternative hip hop artist, Flippin’ Gothic Fabp. This is one of the more creative styles I’ve come across. Flippin’ Gothic Fabp combines spoken word poetry, tropical vibes, hip hop and futuristic beats to create a truly unique sound. These songs are almost hypnotic. You really get into a zone when you listen to this music. The ambiance is practically entrancing. Platinumism Playlist reminds me of when people used to create sound collages out of obscure recordings, and rappers used to really dig for cool samples and snippets. This is a very artistic and intelligent collection of recordings. Flippin’ Gothic Fabp’s lyrical delivery is on point, and this album is a pleasure to listen to.

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