Comatose Red Ivy – Bat Sympathy (Dark Knight Freestyle)


Bat Sympathy (Dark Knight Freestyle) is a new single from artist, Comatose Red Ivy. This track is part of a new EP that’s set to be released on 6/3/2021 titled BOYFIFTY Produce Murder Scenes.. One of the more creative and avant garde hip hop songs, Bat Sympathy tells the story of when the artist heard some bats while she was at a red light. She proceeded to drive to their location and then lie underneath the rafters where they were hanging out. The best part is she recorded the incident (you can actually hear the bats) and turned it into this jam. This gives the recording a kind of “found footage” quality.

Against the backdrop of a mellow and ambient beat, Comatose Red Ivy reflects on her own life and discusses her feelings about the bats overhead. The musical style is a spoken-word freestyle narration. It’s almost like a diary. In the beginning, she expresses fear of the bats, but by the end of the song she feels sympathy and love for them. On a deeper level, it’s analogous to how—when we are faced with death—we learn to appreciate the beauty in things we may have never noticed before and accept others for who they are. Bat Sympathy earns a lot of points for creativity in songwriting, and it’s worth noting the music itself is pleasantly haunting and enjoyable in its own right.

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