Hesitant Waitress – Temperance


Temperance is the debut EP from Hesitant Waitress (the stage name of Orlando-based artist Emma Branch). The album is tentatively scheduled to be released sometime this summer. However, a demo version is already available on Bandcamp. If you ask me, it sounds fine just the way it is. This is avant garde indie rock in its finest and most organic form. The artist achieves some really sweet vintage guitar tones in the opening track Another Dimension. It’s a very captivating song, with an ambiance that is both haunting and ethereal. Thematically, Temperance deals with “coming of age” issues like addiction. mental illness, and losing loved ones. Musically, the sound is neither upbeat nor depressing. The melodies are beautiful and the guitar chord changes hit just right. These songs are psychically powerful. Releases like Temperance are exactly the ones I look forward to writing about.