Er Biacco – Lost Woman (Feat Leo Rocks-Matteo Quiriconi-Falo & Vipera)


Lost Woman is a new single from Er Biacco, a well-known guitarist in the Italian underground scene. This jam is actually a cover version of a classic song from the iconic 60s band, The Yardbirds. It’s a collaborative effort, with established artists like Leo Rocks on vocals, Matteo Quiriconi on lead guitar, Falo on bass, and Andrea “Vipera” Salani on drums. This is one groovy track, with authentic rock’n’roll vibes and a hint of funk. It’s actually quite rhythmic and the beat gives the sound an exotic quality.

There’s a little bit more potency and vitality to this version. It has an edge to it, and the mix is very clean. The vocals are lively and charismatic, just brimming with personality. You can tell the singer is having a blast when performs. There’s lots of enthusiasm in this recording and even though the song has an “underground” feel, you can tell that all these musicians are established professionals. It would be great to see this live, preferably at some swanky, retro-themed night club.

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