Chris Donohoe – Let The Light In, Vol. 2 (25)

Let The Light In, Vol. 2 is a new EP from San Francisco-based singer/songwriter, Chris Donohoe. The songs have a mellow and ambient indie rock vibe. Featuring colorful melodies, groovy riffs and emotive vocals, this EP offers up a slice of social commentary on the political division in the US. The track, Cut to Deep explores this from subtly cynical perspective and ponders whether the damage has been done and it’s too late to bridge the divide. Chris Donohoe is obviously a talented musician, and he manages to convey his sentiments within songs that are actually enjoyable to listen to. His presentation is sincere, yet artful. He recognizes the sensitivity to these subjects and approaches them in a way that isn’t abrasive or alienating. This EP is actually quite soothing and meditative.

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