The Blind Pilots – All Kinds of Crazy


All Kinds of Crazy is the first full-length album from from The Blind Pilots, a band from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. It was apparently recorded in July of last year, during the Covid pandemic. The album has a bluesy, 90s rock’n’roll vibe. It actually has a very American sound, and I would have never guessed these guys are from Australia. The guitars really drive the action, with classic tube amp tones and swanky flavor. This is like the kind of music you hear at a random bar and think “wow, these guys really rock.” You can just sense how good this would be live.

The title track is pretty solid and makes a statement, but my personal favorite jam on here is the memorably named, Mood of the Dude. It’s catchy and has robust, extra-thick mix. The singer of this band has a dynamic voice that seems tailor made for this style of music. All Kinds of Crazy is an impressive debut album. You can tell these guys work well together and have plenty of experience performing.

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