GRIF – Tales From the Edge of the Universe

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Tales From the Edge of the Universe
is the debut album from GRIF, a 24 year old musician from the suburbs of Philadelphia. You get the idea right away with the first track, Marlboro Memories. The sound is groovy, with a hint of funk rock. There is a subtle, stylishly employed tape noise/crackle, which gives the music a vintage, analog quality. Other tracks like the ledge have a jovial, sparkly, summertime vibe.

GRIF’s vocals blend fun, free-spirited innocence with sentimentality. His voice is upbeat and naturally good-natured. The lyrics are often humorous, but in a quirky, indie way as the recordings never descend into “singing comedian” territory. Tales From the Edge of the Universe is a good old fashioned indie album, but GRIF brings his own unique stylistic twist to these song by incorporating elements from other genres not typically associated with this kind of music. These jams would be ideal to listen while drinking lemonade with your friends in the backyard and reflecting on life.

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