ThinkJr – (Sweet and Beautiful Inspirational songs for Kids!!) – EP

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ThinkJr (Sweet and Beautiful Inspirational songs for Kids!!) is a new EP that’s exactly what its title claims. The music is catchy, upbeat and fun, while offering inspirational lyrical content. This is of course children’s music, but the songs have heartening lessons that anyone could benefit from. Each track has its own theme. For example, there’s a “kindness song,” “an honesty song,” and a song which emphasizes the importance of respect. Other songs deal with embracing individuality and a willingness to try new things.

Musically, the melodies are colorful and innocent, and you’ll quickly find yourself singing along with the lyrics. The pace is peppy and kids will definitely not get bored. This is really an ideal children’s album. It manages to cover all the bases in its 17 minute runtime and balances enjoyability with learning.

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