Mars Hall – Is Anybody Out There? (33)

Is Anybody Out There? is a new album from Wisconsin-based rock band, Mars Hall. This is clean, passionate and powerful rock’n’roll. The album itself is already making a splash with its amplified cover of the Beatles’ classic, Eleanor Rigby. The band definitely does the song justice, while giving it an energizing upgrade. The vocals on the songs are terrific. The lead singer’s voice has a 1980’s “hard rock” quality, with its emotive expression and technical prowess. Really though, the guitars make up the meat of these recordings, maintaining a peppy pace and providing catchy melodies. I couldn’t find any info to look up the backgrounds of the actual members, but these guys are so good at playing instruments, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out they were involved in some prior, legendary releases. Is Anybody Out There? is as solid and real as it gets.

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