ThinkJr – Love is Special

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Love is Special is a song from ThinkJr (a musical project which was created to instill strong values in kids using fun and entertaining content). ThinkJR emphasizes kindness, honesty, humility, compassion and love for all. The full title of this particular song is actually Love is Special, Love is Kind. Love is Yours, and Love is Mine. It appears on the EP, Sweet and Beautiful inspirational Songs for Kids, Vol. 2.

The melody is fun, and the chorus mantra is one that will really stick in your head. With its bright and friendly tone, this song could put a smile on anyone’s face. The music features a light beat, along with some piano and xylophone-like elements. The vocals have that catchy and familiar sing-song style that epitomizes the iconic children’s music that people love. As the title suggests, the song teaches us how wonderful love is, and how it can be part of everything around us. There’s a little more to it obviously, but you get the idea.

The life lessons are valuable, but music like this will also remind you how neat it is to be a kid. Interestingly, even though the songs are sung by children, ThinkJr’s largest audience is comprised of people of ages 23-47. That doesn’t surprise me. The themes are universal, and anyone can fall in love with these inspiring jams.

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