Son of Satan – 3000 CE


3000 CE is a new EP from Fresno-born artist, Son of Satan. This darkly original release blends elements of hip hop with electronic music, singer-songwriter style and an other-worldly ambiance. Robotic vocal effects and retro-futuristic synths create a powerful aesthetic. If not for the rapping, one would be forgiven for thinking these songs were from 1980s Sci-Fi film soundtrack. Son of Satan demonstrates a talent for both delivery and lyric writing. His vocal cadence is methodical and magnetic. Thought the pacing is modest, the artist’s tone is rhythmically captivating. His voice lends these songs a charismatic presence. I was particularly blown away by the track, War of the Worlds with its jarring intensity and catchy verses. Every facet of the music fits within the artistic and thematic framework of the album. 3000 CE is both well-crafted and competently-executed.

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