Evin Gibson – Blu


Blu is a new single from Evin Gibson, an award-winning singer-songwriter, actor, and model. Blending elements of pop and R&B, this smooth track flows in a fluid and dreamlike fashion. Evin Gibson is clearly a gifted vocalist, and his dynamic voice functions as an instrument in its own right. He squeezes every last drop out of each note, guiding the song majestically. The backing music is ambient and ethereal, providing a meditative backdrop while a fresh beat keeps the action tight. Blu is much more enchanting than standard R&B fare. It’s enjoyably hypnotic and has a chill vibe.

Thematically, this track deals with the bittersweet feeling people experience when being played after falling for someone. It combines the hopeful tenacity of moving forward with one’s lingering sense of sadness. The recording itself has a nice, clean mix that’s mellow and sonically pleasing to the ear.

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