DJ Kosho – White Girls feat: Slim Spitta


White Girls is a new single from DJ Kosho (also featuring the talents of Slim Spitta). As mentioned in a previous write-up, DJ Kosho was a pioneering figure in the West Coast Breaks scene and was the original founder of Club RED in Los Angeles way back in 2000. From 2009-2010 he ran Club RED San Francisco. He’s been active in his most recent venture, iRED Recordings, since 2016.

DJ Kosho brings down the house with White Girls, a lively party jam .The high octane mix just sizzles with productive richness and clarity. This song really gets the juices flowing. Blending elements of hip hop and dance, a good way to describe this music is that it’s the type of song that would be playing if you strolled into a party at its most climactic point the evening. Slim Spitta’s no-nonsense delivery is crisp and straightforward. The lyrics maintain a disciplined and laser-like focus on the prize, which in this case translates to living it up and partying to the fullest in every facet of life. White Girls takes me back to simpler times of late-90s dance mix compilations and carefree clubbing. The audio quality is excellent, as DJ Kosho proves once again he knows how to put together a top notch recording. The action never lets up.

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