773JUAN – Chargeback

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Chargeback is a new single from Chicago-based hip hop artist, 773JUAN. This hard-hitting jam crams plenty of energy and action into its 2 and 1/2 minute runtime. The melodic intro offers up a smooth and R&B flavored side to the music, before transitioning into a fresh, colorful beat. The rhythm has a swift, summertime bounce to it. It’s a minimalist beat but sufficiently gives the song a tight framework, leaving enough room for the vocals to take the reins.

Speak of which, 773JUAN’s delivery maintains a dynamic, quick-paced and natural flow. He doesn’t merely “rap” though. He actually sings the lyrics, and effectively incorporates vocal harmonies to enhance the mix. I’d estimate that this track is about 85% hip hop and 15% R&B vibes. It’s actually impressive just how many words 773JUAN manages to fit into the song without cutting corners and being repetitive. His performance is relentless and he doesn’t even bother to come up for air.

In keeping consistent with the theme implied by the song’s title, the concept of credit is peppered throughout as an artistic motif. Lifestyle, excitement and money are the name of the game. 773JUAN’s exemplifies the Chicago hip hop style, which is substantive, no-nonsense and action oriented. He just very direct. Musically, it’s very enjoyable. The song has an intensity but is laid back enough to be appreciated in a low-key party atmosphere as well. Ultimately, Chargeback is a solid and straighforward hip hop entry, smooth and polished around the edges with musicality. Th song is available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms. I’d recommend you check it out, and keep your eyes peeled for other releases from this prolific artist, who already has a number of other singles under his belt.

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