Miss Chay Bella – I Want You


I Want You is a new single from artist, Miss Chay Bella. The song is a vibrant and passionate expression of longing, with an underlying message of how hope can get you through tough times. As the title suggests, the lyrics are straightforward and stick to the heart of the matter. Musically, the track features a modestly paced beat and bright, exotically flavorful melodies. Miss Chay Bella’s sentimentally honest vocals ultimately carry the song, providing the artistic and emotional traction to free the listener of any negative vibes. Her voice is empowering (even in its sensitivity) and has a sincere charm.

You really can’t ask for something more heartfelt than this. While it’s the 4th of July right now, keep this jam in your playlist for when Valentine’s Day comes around or just save it for some rainy afternoon when you’re looking to lift your spirits.

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