Brooke Josephson – Rainbow (37)

Rainbow is a new single from Los Angeles-based artist, Brooke Josephson. After what has been a difficult year for many people, this colorfully inspirational pop track offers an uplifting message, reassuring people that it’s okay to celebrate being themselves. The music is bright and peppy, and Brooke Josephson proves herself to be one heck of a gifted vocalist. Dynamic, elaborate and technically on point, this is one of the best pop vocal performances I’ve heard in a while. The lush guitar backing gives the sound an almost retro rocking ambiance, as the melodies are brimming with optimistic tones that seem like they’re from another era. Rainbow is an invigorating and energetic release that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for new adventures. The video for this song is professionally done and features some impressive effects, which really enhance the experience.

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