Matthew Austin Hunt – Two (36)

Two is a new album from singer-songwriter, Matthew Austin Hunt. Scheduled for official release on 07/30/21, Two is good old fashioned clean and powerful music right here. The sound is rather eclectic, as there are elements of rock, Americana and country, and Matthew Austin Hunt also cites legendary crooners like Bing Crosby as being among his influences. The guitars on songs like Things I Find have a delicious crunch to them, providing the backbone in what are some satisfyingly full mixes. The album subtly blends themes like patriotism, love and loss, interweaving them together cohesively. Hunt’s vocals are emotionally expressive yet charismatic and cool, balancing a “down to Earth” sensitivity with a strong stage presence. He’s a highly capable singer as well. The songwriting is as sincere as it gets, and overall this is a solid album. My favorite song is probably Questions, which has a melodic bounce to it.

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