Tony Ro$e – I Owe You, Vol 1 (EP) (45)

I Owe You, Vol 1 is a new EP from Tony Ro$e (aka Tax Free Tony), a hip hop artist based in Portland, Oregon. With a plethora of releases under his belt, he’s been passionately representing his community and supporting other Portland artists for two decades.

This latest release marks Tony Ro$e’s longest and most ambitious release this year. The sound is stylish and flavorful, blending aesthetic old school vibes with 21st century intensity. Colorful and rhythmic mixes provide worthy backdrops for his casual and charismatic delivery style. In true collaborative spirit, the songs are peppered with guest artists as well, such as Charlee Brown, Eso.XO.Supreme, Louie Slugga and DJ Pryce Miyagi.

The performances are professional and and the flow is very smooth. Unlike with other hip hop releases, I Owe You, Vol 1 never projects even a hint of insecurity. You never get the sense that any of these people are “trying too hard.” These are relaxed, confident and proficient rappers who know what they’re doing. (44)

One of my favorite tracks on here is titled Dope. It employs some echo effects that really enhance the tone, and it’s just extremely satisfying, sonically. The retro organ melodies on the song Magic give it a golden age hip hop feel. You don’t hear that as often on newer jams, which tend to bombard listeners with heavily processed beats. Overall, this EP has a robust and invigorating sound, ideal for backyard summertime pool parties and fun car rides. Don’t overlook the underlying sentimentality and appreciation for friendship in the songs though. Such expressions give I Owe You, Vol 1 a lot of its charm. Also, be sure and check out the video (produced by KanielTheOne) for Tony Ro$e’s single, Tax Free, which is embedded below.

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