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Love Potion is a new single from South London-based hip hop/R&B artist, JIFFTHEGENERAL. The song is an early precursor to an 8-track album titled The Final Lap, which is tentatively slated for release in 2022. With Love Potion, JIFFTHEGENERAL blends a unique, salacious brand of Afro-swing with some delightfully melodic rapping. The vocals are so precise, it’s almost hypnotic. You can’t ask for lyrical delivery that’s more on point than this timing wise.

Musically, the song has an eloquent and tropical feel, with subtly sensual undertones and summertime night vibes. The catchy rhyming style and occasionally witty verses give Love Potion potential pop sensibilities. It’s classy, yet down to Earth enough for people to dance to in a casual setting. It’s almost like the hip hop equivalent of yacht rock. For people seeking leisurely escapist fun and romantically charged atmosphere, this jam could be just what the doctor ordered.

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