Kemini – Vendetta


Vendetta is a new album from artist, Vendetta. His style combines elements of rock and hip hop. The unique twist though is that the songs also have a haunting and surreal vibe, unlike older blended styles like rapcore. The backing beats are high intensity and have a futuristic, almost industrial quality. Kemini’s vocal delivery is expressive. He spouts his rhymes with passion and emotional intensity, while also occasionally revealing a relaxed side on some of the lighter tracks.


He’s a surprisingly versatile performer, who’s able to transform his vocal style to accommodate the frequent changes in the music. There are a lot of lyrics packed into these songs, as Kemini’s “stream of consciousness” style flow seems to never be at a loss for words. My favorite song on Vendetta is probably Be Like Wayne with its snappy rhythm and witty verses. The most prominent and radio friendly single on the album is probably Cross the Line. There’s a sweet video for this jam that’s slightly psychedelic and artistically edited.

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