Big Dojah – Three-17


Three-17 is a new EP from North Carolina hip hop artist, Big Dojah. He has released a number of jams since 2019, often collaborating with other North Carolina artists. Songs like Watchu like (Tudda), Guardian angel (B.A.M.B), and Saliva are some of his more prominent releases to date. He is also apparently known for talking about himself in the third person and talking to himself, and freely admits there is a hint of madness to his persona. “Of course I talk to myself, I’m the only one who truly cares what I have to say,” he has been quoted as saying.

His recent release, Three-17, definitely demonstrates he’s focused and professional when it comes to rapping. His stream of consciousness delivery style flows evenly throughout the tracks. You can tell this guy really has a lot of experience freestyling. He’s a natural storyteller, as the lyrics on the opening track 317 Gs make clear, and he gives a detailed version of events relating to a recent arrest. Against the backdrop of a crisp, suspenseful beat, the content is just very engaging and detailed. Free Rio offers another fine example of this, and has probably my favorite musical intro on the album as well. Other songs like Still Barkin have more of a a dreamlike and surreal vibe. Big Dojah brings both skill and a unique personality to this EP. I think we can expect to hear a lot more from him in the future.

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