Brad Byrd – Where Were You When the World Stopped? (48)

Where Were You When the World Stopped? is a new EP from Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, Brad Byrd. Blending elements of folk, rock and Americana, the title track is an instant, heartfelt classic. It’s touching and quietly sentimental. The music has an intricate and very personal feel, offering a small, refreshing slice of humanity to contrast the harsh world we live in. One of the songs, When You Need Me is slightly more rocking and features a rich, vibrant mix. It’s peppy, energizing and will just really brighten up your mood. Brad Byrd’s vocals have a trustworthy, reassuring tone. His voice is charismatic while also brimming with thoughtful sensitivity. Musically, this album is nicely polished. It combines the organic, sincere qualities of the classic singer-songwriter genre with 21st century production and contemporary instrumental accents. Where Were You When the World Stopped? is powerful in its tenderness.

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