Tyrell Butler – Give In

Give In Final Cover

Give In is a new single from R&B/Gospel artist, Tyrell Butler on ER the Label. Slated for official release on August 20, 2021, this song is a stylish and creative entry in the genre. One pleasant surprise is that Give In actually incorporates guitars, which isn’t something you hear too often in the contemporary R&B. The guitar tones add a warm, classic feel to the ambiance, which is already melodically rich and colorful. There’s a nice build to the action, which is emotionally invigorating at the song’s climactic points.

Tyrell Butler is an excellent singer. His voice is expressive, and it’s impressive hearing him nail those high notes. As I’ve said a million times before, you just can’t fake it with R&B/gospel, and this guy obviously can sing. The vocal harmonies really drive the energy and are quite moving emotionally. Give In also has a mellow yet danceworthy beat. This song is a high quality and totally professional release. You can’t ask for much more. While you’re waiting for the official release date, you can get ahead of the game by pre-saving the track in the link below.

Tyrell Butler’s Give In Pre-Save Link: https://le.ffm.to/tbgi

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