Soundsex – Tension 3.0 (Decoding Jesus Remixes) (47)

Tension 3.0 is a single from Soundsex, newly remixed by Decoding Jesus. There’s actually backstory with this track. Originally it was produced back in 2012 as Tension by Chase Wiggs, Jacob Bailey and Miko Franconi under the name of Soundex. The group split up in 2012 but Miko Franconi continued on with the name, and the classic song became a staple for many DJs.

The latest incarnations of this jam are remixes by Let’s Beat Milo Records’ label owner and producer, Decoding Jesus (whom we’ve featured before). There’s the standard mix and a “break beat” mix. As the title accurately hints at, this song does indeed offer a high intensity experience. Featuring a sleak, pulsepounding beat, Tension 3.0 is mesmerizing. It will transport listeners into the zone and dial up the dance floor energy to 11.

It’s the kind of song that’s hypnotic but will wake you up rather than induce you into a deep sleep. Futuristic synths, strategically placed vocal samples, and crisp bass keep the action high throughout. Tension 3.0 also has sensual undertones, balancing a mechanical, deep space ambiance with a more expressive, human component. This is dark techno at its finest. It’s really incredible to see contemporary classics like Tension continue to evolve, shapeshift and reinvent themselves, as they become exponentially interwoven into the fabric of the dance music scene.

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