Kidd Atari & Rose Savage – Avalanche Freestyle (1)

Avalanche Freestyle is a new single from Kidd Atari & Rose Savage. It’s scheduled for an official release of Friday, the 13th of August on ER the Label, but it is already available to pre-save on Spotify and Apple Music. Effectively incorporating smooth and vibrant samples from the iconic 70’s song Papa Was A Rolling Stone as a backdrop, this crisp hip hop track is stacked with sparkling fresh energy.

The vocal delivery is stylish and conversational. The performers play off of one another very well, demonstrating artistic chemistry and keeping things engaging. The lyrics are clever and creatively spouted, both in terms of performance and the way effects are employed. You can just tell the artists are having a ball, and this effect definitely rubs off onto the listener. Avalanche Freestyle doesn’t waste a moment of its roughly two and a half minute runtime, and listeners will be inspired to bust a move from the opening bell until well after they’ve finished listening to this radical jam.

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