FEELSOUL – The Feels


The Feels is a new single from hip hop artist, FEELSOUL. This track is slated to be officially released on August 13 but is available to pre-save on Spotify and other platforms. As demonstrated on recent songs like GOD Freestyle, FEELSOUL blends invigorating backing music and lively delivery with deep, reflective ruminations about life. This guy actually can rap, too. He maintains a swift flow and has a natural sense of timing.

The Feels largely relates to love and humans’ desire to be in love. Becoming more open is the key to experiencing the full effect of love in our relationships, as we transition from mere attraction and infatuation to experiencing something more potent emotionally. According to FEELSOUL, by removing our self-imposed limitations and opening up, we can permit ourselves to be in love.

For more info:

Presave link: https://le.ffm.to/thefeels

FEELSOUL on Spotify:https://open.spotify.com/artist/0YOsX9FZsRHn9fYLfq3fw9?si=lhfJvwXXRWy8S_NBHSmecA