Sun-Pinned Leaves – Rock’N’Road

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Rock’N’Road is the 4th album from England-based band, Sun-Pinned Leaves. Interestingly, their sound combines elements of Americana with rock, while the ambiance captures the spirit of adventure and the wide open frontier. You get the idea right away with the opening track, Give Me Your Love, which feature peppy guitars, dynamic melodies and stylishly engaging vocals. It just a real robust and organic rock’n’roll sound. The songs have an impressive amount of complexity, with a lot of different instrumental and vocal components coming together. They take a lot of creative twists and turns musically. No shortcuts were taken in writing these jams.

Rock’N’Road has the feel of a sonic travelogue, one with stellar performances and groovy, occasionally lounge-like vibes. The professionalism of the artists is consistent throughout. These guys can definitely sing and play their instruments. The lyrics are vivid and rich with substantive detail, allowing listeners to visualize these experiences as if we were stowaways on the journey the entire time.

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