RF-SOL – Go Back


Go Back is a new single from Virginia-based lyrical hip hop artist, RF-SOL. Produced by Tone Adix Productions, Go Back is the first single off of the upcoming EP, Light Bringers. What’s striking about this song is how melodic and sonically rich it is. This isn’t just rhyming or performative hip hop. Go Back is musically phenomenal and would be appreciated even by those who don’t normally listen to hip hop. The production really brings out the best possible mix. Seriously, the recording quality is sparkling.

RF-SOL’s delivery is passionate and charismatic, but just as importantly he demonstrates some decent singing capabilities. This jam has a fairly high degree of difficulty in terms of performance, and his voice is able to measure up to the standard. As a rapper, he has a smooth, natural flow, and really you can just tell he’s a professional and knows what he’s doing. Ultimately, Go Back is about perseverance and determination to live one’s life after dealing with tragedy and loss. There’s reflection, hope, spirituality and a lot of soul-searching in this genuinely inspiring song.

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