Stephen Jacques – Left L.A.


Released just a few days ago, Left L.A. is a new single from Stephen Jacques’s upcoming album, Soul Hydraulics. The song offers up commentary on the superficial plasticity and slickness of life in Los Angeles, which I can personally relate to as someone who once lived there. Stephen Jacques employs terms like “deals” and “mergers” to emphasize the inhuman commodification of the LA cultural experience. Musically, the song is touching and sentimental, with its delicate melodies and euphoric hooks. The songwriting is beautifully sincere, containing a fluid structure and coherent narrative. The recording is polished the old fashioned way, with a clean mix and gritty emotion, rather than surgically processed. The lamentation of Los Angeles as a superficial and heartless entertainment hub may not be a new theme, but Stephen Jacques gives a presentation that keeps it as real as ever.

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