Spacely – Weirdo


Weirdo is a new single from an up and coming artist/rapper known as Spacely, (who’s also into self-recording, mixing and mastering). The backing beat for this track is surreal and futuristic. Its artful serenity blends with a haunting intensity to create a darkly meditative atmosphere. Honestly, this is one of the more musically appealing beats I’ve heard in recent memory. Delicate instrumentals and backing vocals are interwoven in a very sophisticated way.


Spacely’s delivery is poetic and reflective as he talks about living his life as a unique person with unconventional proclivities. He has a pointed, deliberate flow and an almost mathematical sense of timing. His lyrics are pretty clever, and he demonstrates some depth as a writer, by avoiding hip hop cliches. With this song Spacely does establish himself as a “weirdo” in all the most artistically flattering ways. Weirdo is currently available on all major platforms, but you can also stream it on Spotify below.

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