Nahash Wizdom – I’m So Broke

I’m So Broke is a new single from Central Illinois-based hip hop artist, Nahash Wizdom, and appears on his new album, Grown Folks Muzik. As the title hints at, I’m So Broke references the financial hardship many have experienced as result of the pandemic and these rather precarious times we live in. The song is refreshingly honest and emotionally deep. It really does represent an inspiring anthem of the common person’s struggle and perseverance in difficult circumstances.

Nahash Wizdom gives a down to Earth performance that’s brimming with empathy and hits all the right marks as he calls for people to continue to take chances, roll the dice and make the most of life. Musically, the track has a nice, melodic flow. and Nahash Wizdom proves to be a capable vocalist. You really have to see the video to fully appreciate the song though. The visual narrative is well put together and successfully reinforces the song’s central themes.

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