0.Fuxx – Good Times


Good Times is a new single from hip hop artist, 0.Fuxx. In addition to having one of the more memorable monikers, 0.Fuxx has a chill and laid back delivery style. He maintains a fluid lyrical flow throughout the recording, and his voice matches tonally with the ambient backing music. His performance is really smooth, and the timing is on point. The delivery just sounds very natural and down to Earth. This is a solid jam for any kind of “kickback” party or late night drive. The beat is pretty tight, so you can crank up the bass if you’re in the mood to spice up the experience. Apparently, he’s running his own record label, appropriately named @DGAFRCDS. 0.Fuxx is a rather prolific musician and has a number of other releases under his belt. I recommend you check them out.

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