Eli Manna – The God Complex


The God Complex is an upcoming album from artist, Eli Manna and is scheduled to be released on October 15th. However, we managed to get our hands on a copy to get a little sneak peek. This album is notable for the fact that it contains 10 separate genres. I actually found it kind of fun to go through the songs and try to guess which musical style a specific track was intended to represent. Impressively, Eli is somehow able to hold together everything in an artistically cohesive way. The songs all feel like they’re connected to the same project. Nothing seems out of place on the shelf, despite the variety of flavorful jams.

Tonally, these songs all have an upbeat and jovial vibe. You really get the sense the artist(s) are enjoying every minute of the creative process. Spirituality and positivity are underlying themes in the lyrics, and if you pay attention, there’s a narrative storyline. The backing music is often groovy and delightfully melodic. It’s smooth and refined, while the beats have enough of a pulse to keep the dance party flowing. The rock-oriented tracks toward the end of the album showcase Eli Manna’s versatility as a musician. The God Complex is a groundbreaking release that will hopefully get the exposure it deserves. Mark your calendar for Oct 15, and keep your eyes peeled for this one to drop.