Brian Charles Tischleder – This Town

brian charles cover

This Town is a new full album from artist, Brian Charles Tischleder. The title is a reference to the city of Minneapolis, and the songs are largely themed around the racial strife that engulfed the area last year. There’s quite a lot of variety musically, and all of it good. My favorite track is probably the opening song, All Night Hamburger Stand, which is performed in a 1950s “doo-wop” style. It’s actually phenomenal. Other songs have elements of blues, jazz, and rock’n’roll. Another notable jam is the piano-driven rock song, Marilyn Monroe, which has a kind of classic Bruce Springsteen energy to it. There are a lot of albums out there where people just get on their political soapbox and make their points, but This Town is genuinely creative and a cut above most others.

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