Doojzie – I Know


I Know is a new single from Irish indie artist, Doojzie. Stylishly blending elements of alternative and pop, the song has an enchanting, almost hypnotic ambiance. Against an eloquent and melodic synth backdrop, Doojzie’s vocals are sincerely captivating. He has a natural voice for synthpop, with just the right level of expressiveness and sentimentality. His performance has real personality and it’s own distinctive flair. It helps that he can actually sing, too.

Musically, the flow is smooth and has a futuristic “lounge” quality to the atmosphere. Like any decent pop song, the lyrics are catchy and through a combination of repetition and magnetism, the hooks really get stuck in your head. Personally, I think I know is one of those rare birds that potentially could have both indie and mainstream appeal. The colorful melodies and professionalism of the production will resonate with audiences of any type, while the song’s mysterious aura and organic subtleties allow it to retain its avant garde credibility.

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