Indie Pop Artist Doojzie Aims to Bring About a Better Planet


The Prince admits issues within the judicial system and how we are thought as inner expression of true source in this linguistic “Our expression of self purpose and duties are limited when we remain under the blue scars on our ancestor’s back into our bloodstream. We will never become truly be free until the day our dialect aka “the oppressed” realise its our duty to inquisition the oppressor on how they are praised for what we have to look at as true skills in a humbled peaceful nature towards leading our direction to spread empathy towards one another as people communicating in this common speak! I refuse to live as a puppet in their pool of blood! I am my own KING!”

While we where holding a private conference in London after the monarch had made it back from his trip with Star Synq cooperatives during Sundown weekend, Doojzie has managed to form an equation to separate himself from the norm in celebrity culture too form his own lane of following along with the new wave of attack formed against the leading reigns within society in that he is the leading monarch in any religious status mutually agreed within this Collective made up of the true astrological physicians here in source. The Prince of the Temple insists that we as people need to put aside our differences and inequalities to form a new hierarchy based on reward from G8 Kingdom praise on the directive status people should have handed to the as an opportunity to become true entities worth growth and public state within the proposed new judicial system here on our planet! The astro-projectionist Has proclaimed his witness to the after life and judging bodies formation of government has been a selective of this unique Monarchy to be the leading body to preach the directive for the safe comforts in life to reside in peace the day we die. Also mentioning the procurement and direction the world is being lead into further torment by the reigns showing no true wanting or knowledge on how to begin to communicate the healing and peace for all here as a multiculturalist world society.

The Prince continues to state how he would conversate true comforts for all involved by starting
in war torn countries to give an outstanding efforts to pull together our Prince coming from a torturously occupied country for over 900 years shattered by the projections of headlines on the news who is good and who is bad in life. He would take control of the army’s and direct them to use the capital in his newly funded patriotic movement towards a well drilling scheme in 3rd world countries to bring the ability to take charities off our 3rd world to do work inside the new world order.This would truly provide a better planet to live on curing climate change with the new vegetation on our motherland.

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