Shaun Johnson + Big Band Experience – Made For Her

Made for Her cover art

Made For Her is a brand new album from Shaun Johnson + Big Band Experience. This release is pretty slick to say the least. The music has a classic feel, blending a sophisticated old school lounge or “big band” sound with contemporary sensibilities. Regardless of what kind of music one is into, this is the sort of album that anyone would immediately recognize as superb. Well-choreographed instrumentals provide a worthy backdrop for Shaun Johnson’s skillfully delivered vocal harmonies. What a great voice. If I didn’t know any better, I would have assumed Made For Her was released on a major label. Yes, it’s that good. This is exquisite mood music that’s accessible, down to Earth and contains an enjoyability factor that’s off the charts. The songs from this album should be playing in every department store this fall.

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