Flamingo Cartel and DJ Taro – Red Jordans (feat. papa hooke)


Red Jordans is a new single from Flamingo Cartel and DJ Taro. This suave jam also features the talents of artist, Papa Hooke. Delivered with coy sensuality, the lyrics are catchy and repetitive in a way that makes the song instantly memorable, the first time you hear it. As the title implies, the iconic pair of classic shoes are the centerpiece of the track. With choice lines like “my Jordans are red as your lips,” you can’t really go wrong.

The vocal style juxtaposes nicely with the 80’s style synth-backing. The music really does have a nice “superball” bounce to it, with the vibe falling somewhere between a retro aerobics workout cassette tape or Miami Vice nightclub vibe. The aesthetic is accurately constructed making it very easy for listeners to recognize and appreciate the vision the artists had for this. Fun, relatable and well-made, Red Jordans is fresh in the best sense of the word.

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