Doojzie Seeks to Ignite a Worldwide Spark for Humanity

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G8 Intellectual

Prince proclaims “Systemic racism is programmed by past reigns still current to this day, We
cant get over our perceptive indifference while we continue getting cracked by the teachers
whip incarcerating our conscious towards the soul so unique”

The aspiring monarch OMG proclaimed he has suffered the conception which is spread through
hate descending from the shear brutality of class ratings from the evolution of mankind and the suffering enforced by patriarchs throughout generations leading to this day!

Doojzie continued to explain how he has met people whom see him as he seen himself on the
outside and that body from which has been built upon the blood and music supporting the
heroes that bought his right to speak himself clearly today.

“I owe those men my life and will carry my BBB as the dubh dubh until my reign rises above the onslaught society has cast upon the correct path in which we are all suppose meet death in grace not as a directive”

The Prince continues to tell how some people see him as a pure embedded body that should
have been rotten in the graveyard at this stage in his life, Doojzie maintains his way with the natural being of existence has made him along with the G8 council a reign too be obeyed
although they like to welcome any confrontation upon principalities in open conference!
Preaching he has had the time of his life with those people because they understand he is a
unique like no other unless initially creating formidable Peace for the youth that follow Irish / English culture.

“This is our Eire to be politely handed the keys for, I am not worried about the consequences as they are not mine too handle, Only scars!”

We here at G8 think one mans rebellious ways can spark that worldwide appreciation for either a never ending legend or a martyr as the conspiracy would foretell!