William Kalfelz – Alien Invasion

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Alien Invasion is a new electronika album from artist, William Kalfelz (aka Wusik.) The sound proves to be quite sophisticated, blending avant garde and futuristic elements. Polished compositions give the music a cinematic quality, and the chronological narrative arc makes this release function as a kind of science fiction film soundtrack. In fact, someone saw this album somewhere they might assume it actually is a soundtrack to a real movie.

The tracks feature a lot of instrumental variety and structural creativity. This isn’t just techno or synthwave. Part 04 – Come to Us is one of the most striking songs. It incorporates noise, analog-like artifacts and cultivates a rather haunting ambiance. Part 16 – Slow Drive Avenue combines industrial/mechanical sounds with a majestic synth beat, juxtaposing an electrifying energy with the coldness of advanced machinery. Alien Invasion is a comprehensive and highly professional album that tells a tale. If you allow yourself the privilege of getting lost in these recordings, they will activate your imagination, and you can vividly picture the story unfold while you’re dancing.

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