Solomon King & The Chosen – No. 5

Solomon King 1000

No. 5 is a new album from Solomon King & The Chosen. The music has a groovin’, authentic 60’s/70’s rock’n’roll sound. Against a backdrop of delightfully swanky guitar melodies, Solomon King’s vocals are reminiscent of icons like Lou Reed, as they feature rich lyrical monologues, delivered in a storytelling fashion. Aquatic reverb adds some depth to the mix and the production in general does a nice job of accurately achieving the sound from its desired time period. If it weren’t for the excellent audio clarity, one would literally think they were listening to a recording from the early 1970’s. My favorite song on the album is Devils Candy, which could be described musically as The Velvet Underground meets Johnny Cash. No. 5 is a terrific little album that offers up the time-tested combo of talent and good taste.

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