Damon Mitchell – Like You’re In A Dream

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Like You’re In A Dream is a new album from singer/songwriter, Damon Mitchell. Technically it’s not due for official release until Oct 22nd 2021, but we’ve managed to get a sneak peek. Backed by eloquent and colorfully melodic guitars, the songs are largely driven by the vocals. The artist’s website describes his sound as “Beatles meets Death Cab For Cutie,” though some of these tracks have elements of Americana. It has a clean, contemporary vibe with a touch of soul. Damon Mitchell has an impressive voice and is able to carry the action all the way. There’s a genuine charisma in his performance, but he also manages to deliver his lines with an expressive sensitivity and “down to Earth” tone. The title track is a great example of how catchy the songs are. The lyrics make effective use of repetition, and I guarantee you these songs will get stuck in your head.

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