Keenan Layne – The Devil’s Work


The Devil’s Work is a new single from hip hop artist, Keenan Layne. This fully self produced track is super slick and oozing with style. The backing beat is fresh, features jazzy, piano driven melodies, reminiscent of golden age hip hop. The recording also utilizes a subtle record crackle/cassette tape hiss artifact in the mix, which adds a little bit of analog flavor to the ambiance.

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In terms of vocal delivery, Keenan has a nice, melodic flow and his voice projects just the right level of energy for this song. His voice is sonically very pleasant to listen to, and he raps with emotive sincerity. His performance upbeat and even has an inspirational quality. Combined with exquisite piano arrangements, vintage audio samples/snippets give The Devil’s Work an avant garde sensibility. This is what high end hip hop sounds like, and it’s done very well here. Keenan Layne is set to release an EP this November, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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