Truth the Young God – MIS/MATCH


MIS/MATCH is a new single from artist, Truth the Young God. Blending elements of pop, hip hop and R&B, this is an emotionally powerful track. Truth (aka Truth the Young God) delivers his lines with honesty and passion. As one might ascertain from the title, the song presumably deals with a romantic relationship that turned out to be a mismatch. The lyrics are almost like a letter being directed toward the other other party of the relationship, but it’s also really just Truth reflecting back on the situation and coming to terms with his own feelings in his head. It’s a very personal and cerebral song.

Truth the Young God is actually a decent singer, and the editing effectively makes use of vocal layering, which contributes to the track’s dreamlike, contemplative atmosphere. The synth-driven backing beat is ethereal and gives off a really chill vibe. MIS/MATCH is solid enough song musically, but it works on an artistic level because the content is so viscerally real. Be sure and check out the video to experience the full effect of this jam.

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