Dizzy Box Nine – Last Call Before the Fall

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Last Call Before the Fall is a new album from band, Dizzy Box Nine and is scheduled to be officially released on 10/15/2021. The group’s music really defies traditional classification, as the songs on this recording combine organic, indie rock energy with a clean, professional sound. The guitar melodies are downright symphonic at times, with precise timing and sparkling clarity. Despite its musical eloquence, the album retains the unmistakable innocent attraction and heart of an indie champion. A peppy pace and vibrant style will leave listeners with the impulse to bust a move at all times. There are elements of new wave, punk, rockabilly, 90s alternative and who knows what else, yet they are all coherently put together. Last Call Before the Fall is a phenomenal album. I would say this is major label quality material, but major labels typically don’t release music as good as this anymore.

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