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Gabriel is a new album from Sydney, Australia-based singer/songwriter, Jack Nolan. Featuring a stylish sound that combines excellent audio clarity with folkish sincerity and top notch musicianship, this release is truly a cut above. The title track also happens to be my favorite jam on the album, with its catchy chorus (” Gabriellll can you telllll“) and harmonic vocal duet. It’s one of those songs where you recognize it’s an instant classic the moment you hear it.

Thematically, the album deals with reflections on life and contains a great deal of contemplative soul-searching. There are romantic undertones as well, and the Americana ambiance can be delightfully haunting. Faster Than the Speed of Change is another memorable track. Despite the “minimalist mix, the sound is surprisingly robust and full, owing to the quietly charismatic vocal performances and “bellowingly” quaint guitar riffs. Ultimately, Gabriel embodies the best aspects of what one might call the 21st century Nashville oriented sound.

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