Timberline – Florescence


Florescence is a new album from Timberline. Bright, colorful and avant garde, this is indie in its finest form. Even the abstract album cover artwork is brimming with quintessential indie innocence. Containing 20 full tracks, this is actually a rather epic release. The sound evokes an early 2000s nostalgia in me, with its quaint electric piano melodies, bright guitars and emotive vocals. I remember when a lot of music was like this, and it was a great period artistically before pop music and social media completely overwhelmed everything.

The music has an analog quality, and you can often hear the “record button” being pressed at the beginning of the songs. There’s also that coveted tape hiss, which adds warmth to the sound, and gives the ambiance a more personal, intimate vibe. The tracks feature delicate melodies and sincere performances. My favorite jam on this release is Flannel. With its Wurlitzer-like piano tones and quaint mix, it just has a very classic feel. I honestly dig everything about this album: the style, the music, and the substance.

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